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We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their support over the years as this is our last year of trading as Fir Trees Pelargonium Nursery. The nursery is now closed and greenhouses been dismantled. There are several reasons for our decision, which has been very difficult. Firstly Mark has a new job, he is now the Transport Manager at the company he was driving for through the winter months. His new job is quite full on and needs to be full time so taking time off to do the shows is quite awkward. Also the new job means that we no longer need to rely on the nursery for our income.

Another major reason for closing is that the greenhouses are well over 40 years old now as they were over 20 years old when we bought them and we have had the nursery for 22 years. As you can imagine they are becoming rather fragile and in constant need of repair, another job for Mark!! And what with rising heating costs, show expenses constantly going up and our brilliant team of ladies all getting older we have decided to call it a day and go out on a high with our special awards from the RHS.      



Helen, Mark, Eileen, Ele, Val, Cath, Kirsty and Betty

Some of our varieties are available at the following websites

Collections of some of our varieties available at Plants 2 gardens (Ken Evans 07713 962343) on QVC

Our Scented varieties are available from Roualeyn Fuchsias 01492 640548.

Speices varieties available from Kelnan Plants.

0736 362626

Speices varieties available from Trewidden Nursery.

01736 362087

For a wide range of Pelargoniums.

01789 720788

Miniature and Golden Stellar varieties available from Bramford Plant Centre, Lorraine Wright   07770 350307

QVC Roualeyn Fuchsias Kelnan Plants Trewidden Nursery Fibrex Nurseries

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